Professional Transcription Services, Inc. exceeds your expectations and eliminates your transcription headaches. We provide efficient, expeditious digital transcription services and specialize in a broad spectrum of medical and professional areas of expertise.  Our work is guaranteed with confidence. We have a family of transcriptionists who take absolute pride in their work, as our reputations are behind every document produced. We have access to a library of resources and utilize a network of experience to ensure an accurate, quality product.

All transcriptionists familiarize themselves with the insurance companies, hospitals, and physicians in all areas we service. We provide a 24-hour turnaround. (Please note for the first 4 to 6 weeks, the turnaround may be 36 to 48 hours, as all reports will be proofread until the transcriptionist is fully confident with the physician for whom she or he is typing.) Stat dictations are available at no extra charge and will typically be returned within one hour. Each physician will be assigned one transcriptionist to whom your staff will have access. I am the contact person for any service-related issues; however, assigning one physician to one transcriptionist can often expedite specific requests in the case I am unavailable. A backup transcriptionist is also trained in the case of an unexpected absence. The transcriptionist will be provided staff names and numbers if additional information is needed to further ensure accuracy, i.e. proper medications/allergies, referring physicians’ information, etc. Finally, I am available to your staff at no extra charge to assist with the very minimal training involved in the transition to PTS.

Finished products can be sent to you via several HIPAA-compliant methods. Reports can be sent directly to a specific location on your PC or Server. They also can be sent via electronic mail or via facsimile. We also provide a facsimile service. Once we have established a relationship and the physicians are confident with our product, we can send the reports via facsimile directly to referring physicians, attorneys, case managers, etc. As you can imagine, this will expedite correspondence, which can sometimes be crucial. This is a substantial savings to your company with regards to your staff’s valuable time, stationery, and postage. We can recreate your stationery, on which we can directly type. (I can provide samples of stationery we have recreated and currently use for some of our other clients.) If you choose to utilize this service, your staff can print the transcription and immediately file the reports in the appropriate charts with the confidence that the transcription has been forwarded to the necessary recipients. You can choose any font or style you wish. We customize your reports to your preferences. Based on the daily schedule received, each patient for whom we have received no dictation a “Missing Dictation Log” will be provided to the staff.

For those of you who have or are contemplating obtaining an electronic medical records (EMR) system, but still feel you will need a transcription service, our documents most likely can be imported directly into your EMR system. Some EMR systems will accommodate a word document and some EMR systems will accommodate a TIFF or PDF document, all of which we can provide.
We offer two digital recording options. You can choose to use a handheld recorder, which is very similar and as user friendly as the Microcassette recorders that are used by most physicians. If you are tired of using tapes or if you know the frustrations of broken tapes and tapes that often have poor quality after a few uses, this is your answer. Another option is a telephone service where you dial a toll-free number and after entering a user ID, you dictate similar to that of the handheld with the same rewind, fast forward, and play back options. Either method would require minimal change on your part. With either method, all audio files would be encrypted and sent to us through a secured, HIPAA-compliant FTP site.

In summary, we do not deal with extensive lengthy contracts. Should you choose to use our service, you will not be required to sign any type of contract which requires you to use our service for any specified period of time. We only request that once you become a valued customer you give us a courteous 30-day notice in the event you choose other documentation options. This request is reciprocated and can be extended until adequate replacement can be found in the case PTS, Inc. ends the relationship. That being noted, our service is also available for prn use to help out in the case of your current transcriptionists’ absence.

I do understand how complicated changing services can be. In order to help make an informed decision, one (or more) physician(s) can try our service. Your only cost will be the actual transcription produced. We will provide a recorder (or the physician can use our phone service) and we will send the finished product via one of the methods described above. If the service meets your satisfaction, we can continue to transition your remaining physicians one at a time or all at once. If for any reason you are not satisfied, there is no need to do anything further. You can just continue with your current documentation solutions.   

If you would like to find out more about Professional Transcription Services, please do not hesitate to us.